Service Development Manager, Charitable Trust, South East London
BID WRITING SUCCESS – Achievement was securing contract for £180,000 (per year) for 3 years.

With limited resources, we identified a tender we wanted to pursue and fortunately we engaged Caddick Consultants. They ensured exacting requirements of the tendering body as well as presenting us with the responses that ensures that we stood out from the competition. In these difficult economic times we are facing at the moment, our organisation needed Consultants that would be competent to present our Trust as delivering value, customer service and of our business values. We received the highest score of each section of the tender, won the business and this would not have been possible without Caddick Consultants expertise.

Managing Director, Tape Company, Bristol
EU TENDERING – Achievement was to secure 2 tenders for general business and 1 International tender (Brussels) that alone grossed £250,000 extra revenue per year for 3 years

Thanks you very much for the hard work and assistance helping us win the Brussels tender that we would defiantly not been successful with without your help. The business we have generates coupled with International kudos is profound and has moved our business to another level.

Operations/Business Manager, Recruitment Business, South West
BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SUCCESS -Achievements included – Cost reduction, Process & Business management, preferred supplier agreements (PSL) and additional PSL business £200,000. Cost reductions £55,000

As a business partner Caddick Consultants introduced new processes, procedures and financial accounting systems that streamlined and reduced overheads making our business more efficient , cost effect and more productive. They won tenders for our business, working closely with organisations from SME’s to PLC’S. The service was totally professional, patient and always mindful of the bottom line.

Principal,  Education, South West
CHANGE MANAGEMENT/BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AND RECRUITMENT -Achievements – New business set-up – Policy Review HR Advisory and established new company systems and procedures with estimated saving for organisation £200,000.

We are delighted with the way the interviewing days were carried out and how the team from Caddick Consultants worked in unison with our existing personal as one. The reassurance and understanding of our difficult task was paramount and helped profoundly when implementing change. Thank you and we will work with you on our next project soon.

Pro Vice Chancellor, Education, Bristol University
PROCUREMENT AND SYSTEMS DEV -Achievements are many but to quantify this year’s savings  of £500,000  cash realisable savings  

I am writing to thank you for your hard work associated with the Integrated Purchasing Project. Establishing the three pilot departments on the system has been a key milestone and we are very aware that this was not a task for the faint hearted. You have shown a great understanding of a very complex project and a determination to reach our goal, thank you Michael.

For further information please contact the Team on info@caddickconsultants.co.uk or call 01934 823282 or 07841 785008 and one of us will be happy to assist you!