Bid Writing

The Public Sector is obliged to advertise contracts over £10,000. Many use the Government’s portal. Contract’s Finder for contracts up to £172,000 and for larger contracts above this threshold they advertise in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Public Sector contracts are very attractive to Small and Medium size Enterprises, (SME’s), they offer significant rewards by delivering a sustainable pipeline with guaranteed payment. However, the success rate of winning tendered business is as low as 1 in a 100.

What we do is help you improve your success rate by providing a specialist tendering advisory service that will increase your chance to somewhere near 1 in 10. To achieve this we require a commitment from you to enable us to understand our client’s business and utilise our extensive expertise to plan the best response for your needs.

We provide support and guidance throughout the entire process as follows:

  • We track opportunities using key word searches
  • Help you to understand how to manage the process effectively
  • Produce a suite of templates and documents that you can use time and again
  • Coach you so that you have the confidence to submit your own tenders
  • Review the suppliers ITT and PQQ documentation
  • Compile questions and actions to be investigated
  • Create pre-qualification and tender response documents
  • Manage and compile your bid response
  • Deliver to your timescales
  • Gain valuable feedback from the client

For further information please contact the Team on or call 01934 823282 or 07841 785008 and one of us will be happy to assist you!